Chris Compton Informatics and Public Service

My Journey

I have had a wonderful career of innovation in public safety, public service and informatics. I have a unique blend of private and public sector service, across a wide spectrum of web and mobile technologies, including a healthy dose of legal, policy and project management experience in the U.S. Government. I fought fires, ate smoke and gave care when seconds counted for 10 of my younger years as an Emergency Medical Technician and volunteer firefighter.

Recently, I have started focusing more on sharing my experiences and perspectives on the field of Informatics. I want to find the best ways to bring together people, technology and information to serve society and accomplish good things. I also want to give back to others, because over the years, the internet is what allowed me to grow and be successful in my own career.

Current Projects

Informatics FYI, Inc.
Established 2023 : I develop original educational content to instruct others on informatics and technical topics such as GitHub, Python and Visual Studio Code, as well as introduce the public to the field of informatics and potential STEM careers. I also intend to focus on public service, and citizen science projects to give newcomers and students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills.

Informaticists in Public Service
Established 2020 : Was created to share a set of principles for working in informatics, and to bring to attention to informatics as an exciting, fulfilling and growing career choice.